6 Sex Positions to Try If Sex Is Painful


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Sex shouldn’t hurt. However, painful sex is an issue that is so common it even has a medical term. Dyspareunia or painful intercourse refers to the recurring or persistent sexual pain that happens before, during, or after the sex that is penetrated. “It affects an estimated 8% to 20% of women,” Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D. Astroglide’s resident sexologist informs Health. “And it could result from a variety of different factors, that range from physical problems (such as infections) to mental challenges.

“If you’re suffering from any painful sex, consult your doctor to find the most effective solution. It could be that you require treatment for your pelvic floor or specific surgical devices or counseling. While endometriosis, pelvic floor issues, and vaginismus are many reasons that sex could hurt, they do not amount to a life-long sentence of sexual infidelity. Suppose your pain isn’t getting worse as time passes, or it’s emotionally distressing. In that case, there’s no have to stay away from sexual activity, Heather Jeffcoat, a pelvic floor physical therapist and the author of Sex Without Pain: A Self-Care Guide towards your Sex Life You Deserve, says to Health.

The objective is to identify postures that don’t cause discomfort but rather bring enjoyment, which is what sexual activity is supposed to. Be aware of this “when it comes to what position might work for you, the cause and type of pain matters,” Wendasha Jenkins Hall Ph.D., a sex teacher, and researcher informs Health. Be aware of what is hurting and where and test these postures to see if you can avoid these areas and begin experiencing sexual intimacy that feels a lot better.

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It doesn’t matter whether your partner is lying on the floor or bed or in a chair. All important is that you’re in the top spot. “That allows you to control the pace and depth of penetration,” Hall says. Hall. “This is particularly helpful if the pain is due to deep penetration.” Try placing your partner on their backs with their knees bent, keeping their feet lying flat across the bed. Place your feet on top of the mattress and look at your feet so that you can lean on your thighs and grind them as you bend forward.


It’s not the sexiest position, but lying on your back is also a great option for those who experience pain after deep penetration. “The butt serves as a cushion, and the position allows the woman to control the depth of a thrust by raising or lowering their leg,” Hall says. Hall. You can also take charge of the speed of the pumping and grinding, encouraging your partner to slow down if it’s starting to feel uncomfortable.


Don’t think too much about the ability of just a few fingers and a mouth. “If penetration is too much to bear, outercourse–or mutual masturbation and oral sex–is always an option,” Hall says. Hall. “Penetration is not necessary to have great, orgasmic sexual experiences.” Think about an hour of at least 69 or having your partner pamper you with sexual contact or oral sex to lay back and enjoy the wonderful sensations.

Doggy style

“A great position for women to try if they have pain at ‘6 o’clock’ (the bottom or posterior portion of the vaginal opening) is rear vagina entry, with both partners on their knees,” suggests Jeffcoat. “This lets the male gently move his penis in a downward direction, which will reduce the pressure on this spot.

“C-spot sensations”

“Consider positions that allow for more clitoral rubbing,” O’Reilly suggests so that you can distract yourself from the discomfort that is caused by the penetration. Lay on your stomach and invite your partner to come up behind you; however, you should insist that he remain in a still position. You can place your hand on your genitals to make sure you press against him while gently rubbing your clitoris, causing you to gasp.

Chair twerk

“If deeper penetration is what leads to pain, play with positions that allow for shallow penetration,” recommends O’Reilly. This method also provides an advantage in stimulating the first millimeters of the vagina, which is often called”the orgasmic platform. Your partner should stand behind you and put both hands against the rear of the chair. Lean over the chair and pop your booty, and allow your partner to come into you as your partner grasps either your back or your butt. You move your hips slowly in small circles to hit all nerve endings that lead to the vagina’s opening.


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