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Do you think that men can discern the difference between various vaginas with just the penis?


You have probably wondered.

Do different vaginas have different sensations?

Do you think myvagina possess a specific sensation that is unique to anyone else’s?

Can someone be able to sense the difference between only their penis?

Or are all vaginas similar, comfortable, cushioned tunnels, and are they distinct from each other?

It’s a question we’ve considered. It appears that we’re not the only ones in this endless pondering, because someone’s created an thread on the subject in Reddit that’s titled”Do vaginas that have different sensitivity feel different to men in penetrative sexual sex?

We decided to contact a few people who have penises to provide answers. The names of the penises are changed to reflect that very few people would publically compare the vaginas of other women. That’s fine.

The first question is, what does it feel like to sex with penis? It’s generally the comfortable, wet, warm grasp that the penis. We’re working on it.

Adam 26, who is 26 years old Adam, who is 26 years old, Adam, 26, informs that there are some noticeable variations between vaginas in the sense of penetration.

‘Some feel harder, some wetter, some deeper, some tighter, squishier, funner,’ he explains. Some feel more comfortable… plush and more comfortable to use.’

Tom who is also 26 shares his thoughts. Naturally, there are differences in tightness, wetness and so on, but I’m guessing the second one isn’t necessarily a physical distinction in vaginas,’ he ponders.

It’s an obvious difference. Vaginas of different women will differ with regard to wetness based on their arousal levels and also the vagina’s natural lubrication levels and the more wet someone is, the more easy penetration is likely to be. That’s an aspect that is noticeable based solely on the sensation of peniasis.

In the personal wetness of a person there are various levels of fluidity. On one day, they might feel more wet than the next, but it’s not really a distinct feature.

It’s the same for the warmth that Brian 33, claims he observes as a factor. Vaginas are prone to temperature changes, and the penis may feel this, but an individual’s temperature on a particular day does not make their vagina distinct from another’s.

There are some who are warmer than the others”says David 33. “Some people get cold when they combine.’

It’s important to remember that certain variations will be visible only by the digital (with fingertips) penetration, not via the penis.

“Bumpiness isn’t something that you can detect in your penis. Brian says to us. However, you can notice it when you use fingers.’

Our fingers are incredibly sensitive, and are used to feel the things around us and pick up details. Our fingers aren’t programmed to perform the same sort of tactile learning as our penis (in evolutionary terms, we simply need to get to the maximum of our capabilities to reproduce) So it is natural that a person might not be able to sense the subtleties of a vagina’s bumps and curves using the penis on its own.

Therefore, while vaginas could differ in terms the shape and texture but it’s highly likely that these distinctions won’t be detected when piercing the penis.

Penis sensibility decreases as we age, and decreases from 25. However, one individual’s penis might have more sensitivities than the other’s so there’s no definitive answer to how a penis feels when they’re snuggled into the vagina.

However, like Tobias Kohler the associate professor of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine observes, males seldom complain about their decrease in the sensitivity of their vaginas. This indicates that either the vagina’s texture isn’t a major aspect in men’s sexual happiness or that the changes in sensitivity don’t seem to be noticeable, likely because the penis wasn’t so sensitive to the texture and curves when it was first developed.

If you’ve ever seen someone think that it’s a penetrating attack when actually tucking his penis in between your legs or even performed an the unintentional anal, you’ll think that the penis isn’t very good in understanding what it’s seeing.

The primary differences the penis can detectable to detect However, the most noticeable are warmth or wetness as well as grip.

“Tightness is a major variable , and it’s one of the few things that can’t be changed through a condom,” says Brian.

Consider it as a function of other parts of your body. If you tuck your arm into something, you may not be able to discern the object as you would by the fingers’ tips however, if it tightened within your arm it would feel. You can test this by grasping your arm now, which is what we’ve been doing over the past half about an hour.

Tightness varies from woman to women, and can alter over time or at various occasions. Vaginas that are more relaxed will appear looser, which means there’s no one specific grasp that a particular vagina could give, however some women might have vaginas that naturally narrower or more in size.

The shape of the body plays an impact on how vagina feels but it will not be evident through the infiltration.

Carl 26, who is 26 years old Carl, 26, Carl, 26, tells”Some girls are more attractive – they’re more like hard. It’s slim girls, in fact. It’s much more enjoyable for girls that are over 10 inches in size.’

The most significant differences in the sensation don’t stem from the distinctiveness of one’s vagina, but more to the overall feeling of sexual intimacy. Guys will notice during a sex session and how comfortable the sexual sensation feels, not just the vagina’s dimensions and floorplan.

The temperature, the lubrication and grip, all influence the overall experience of sexual sex But these are all aspects that may differ not only from person to person but also from at any given moment.

Of the men we surveyed for their opinions, none of them seemed certain that they’d be able to identify the vagina of a previous partner using a blindfolded display for penis prolapse. Therefore, while vaginas of different types may appear different however, they’re not stark enough to tell the vagina of one person from one.

There’s a lot of other things going on that can help men discern different women The movements and warmth, as well as the general excitement and not necessarily how the vagina feels with regard to shape and texture.

“I’m not certain I’m capable of doing that,’ adds Tom when asked about the vagina line-up dilemma. The most obvious sensation is of dicking within the vagina. But it’s the everything else which is the reason for that particular sensation, too.

If you were to offer me a real reproduction of my girlfriend’s body or something , and I had tofold it blindly, it wouldn’t be a pleasure to f*** her.’

It’s because – besides trying to get mushy sexual pleasure and sensuality isn’t just about the physical shape of a woman’s vagina. It’s about how you utilize your vagina, as well as everything else going through your sexual activity.

“I could have my contacts in, but pitch black and everything, yet I you know the flower you were given Adam,”says Adam. “Because you know.’

None of the men reported having experienced an uncomfortable vagina, so even if some men can detect these subtle changes but it’s not significant.

Tom says he’s had sexual relations with someone who had bad vaginas – but it could be due than just not feeling it with that person, more than their vagina or me getting too drunk because you’re aware that IPAs do not cooperate in the pecker.’

So , in short: yes sexual intimacy is different for different individuals. This is logical.

However, the specifics of your vagina won’t allow you to be distinguished in a line-up that is only assessed through penetration. The sensations a penis experiences are wetness, warmth, and grip, each of which is different from daily.

However they feel our interviewees seemed to were all in agreement that vaginas overall are excellent. This means that you don’t have to be worried that your vagina won’t appear as beautiful as someone who has it, or wish that your vagina were ideal.

Once we’ve sorted that out so we can put aside the big issues and focus on enjoying sexual the sex. Wonderful.


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