Four types of penis and which women love the most!


If you’re concerned about whether your penis will be good enough to please your woman, take a look at this…When you think about sex, both genders are worried about what their partners might think of their bodies in bed, particularly their sexual organs. Although we might not admit it, most of us are in the habit of thinking this. This is one of the reasons that can cause problems with performance in bed. When males are involved, they often worry if their organs can satisfy their wives. Studies declare that women are far more interested in specific sizes and lengths than others. Therefore, there are more reasons to think about the shape and size of your penises now. Before that, here’s the information you should be aware of the different kinds of penises. According to research, there are four kinds of penises that men possess:

1. The big guy

An anonymous study conducted by Dr. Vijaysarathi Ramanathan, a renowned sexologist whose findings were shared with us, revealed that the size of a penis is highly subjective. However, the typical size of the penis can be described as5.54 inches (14.07 cm) in length and 3.11 inches (7.9 cm) in circumference. A research study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine also found that the median size of an erect penis is believed at 14.15 cm, and the average circumference of the penis is 12.23 cm [11. But that’s just the standard size. According to Dr. Ramanathan’s survey, penis measurements can vary between 5.5 up to seven inches. If your organ is this size, you’re the largest of the bunch. Yes, big penises are fun because they can expand, stimulating all parts of the vagina. The downside is that sometimes it can cause severe harm and she may require a longer time to recover from the significant action.

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2. The one that is curled

The penis here isn’t so much about the length as the shape. The male with a curly one could have their penis measured at around 5.5 inches; however, it will be slightly curled towards the front and upwards. It has nothing to do with the amount of pleasure he will offer his partner since it’s not a matter of looks that matter. In reality, a curly penis in the process of sex is likely to contact the upper part of the vagina. This is in the area where the G-spot is. This will result in more pleasure and more sexual pleasure, and a better experience.

3. Always on the go

The penis here is similar to the curved one, with the exception that it’s slightly bent downwards from the top. One issue in this case is that it may not be an enjoyable missionary companion because it’s pointed downward, but it is a beautiful companion for doggy-style enjoyment.

4. The small one

It is possible to underestimate the potential, but the most diminutive man is the safest in lasting relationships since it will provide plenty of fun, with minor soreness and shorter recovery times. The smallest one could be less than the standard 5.5 inches.

What are women looking for?

Whatever penis you own, it is essential to know that women are looking for something truly bizarre. According to a study, women would prefer the size of a penis that is a bit larger than average, approximately 6.4 inches and a 5-inch circumference for casual relationships, while a 6-inch erect penis with 4.3 circumferences is what they prefer when they are in a long-term relationship [22. Women don’t enjoy being with a bit of a guy in the sake of the security and peace of mind it brings. We suppose that the boy has the upper hand when it comes to winning her heart and keeping her in love for a long time.


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