Your partner would love to cuddle and kiss you.

You’re ready to go to bed.

This is becoming more frequent than you’d expect.

You may even discover it’s not you or your spouse “doing it” as much as you used to or that your desire to sexual intimacy is almost non-existent.

It is possible to ask, “why do I have a no sex drive?

It’s not easy to even discuss the issue however, don’t. It’s not a problem.

“Around 43 percent of women experience sexual issues, with 22.2 percent reporting related to sexual personal distress. 3 Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) is thought as the most frequent woman’s sexual dysfunction (FSD) and is a problem that affects more than one of 10,000 females.” (Ind Psychiatry J. 2018 Jan-Jun; 27(1): 154-157. doi: 10.4103/ipj.ipj_20_16)

“All women have sexual desires and thoughts that ebb and flow throughout life, and that’s perfectly normal,” said Melinda Everett, WHNP. “Milestones like menopausal changes or childbirth may alter the often you’d like to have sexual encounters. If your sex urge is completely gone or you’re struggling with your relationship due to it, it’s important to be aware of. There is a simple solution.”

So What Does it Mean to Have a Low Sex Drive?

Every person is different. Some women would like to have sexual relations more frequently than other women, and that’s fine. There’s no wrong or right amount of time to engage in sexual relations during every weeks (or month! ).

The problem is when a sexual drive that is lower can cause problems for your relationship, and causes stress. Perhaps your partner is always available to go, but you’re not feeling the same way and nothing in romance is able to entice you.

Are you suffering from a low-sex drive? It happens when:

  • There is no reason to be interested in any sexual activity, such as masturbation, or sexual arousal.
  • You don’t (or very rarely) ever have sexual fantasies or ideas
  • It is a concern that you are experiencing due to the lack of sexual activity

What Are the Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women?

Sex drive is a complex. There’s a lot happening that’s not limited to “down there.”

So, finding a reason why you’re not switched on requires a thorough examination of different possible factors. This could include:

Genital Changes

It can reduce your sex desire, and dryness in the vagina and weakening tissues can make sexual contact painful which can make the brakes on your sexual desire.

Hormone Levels

The hormones are naturally fluctuating throughout the course of a woman’s life. However, fluctuations in these levels could affect the desire to have sex. Also, we’ll look for thyroid issues that can impact your hormonal balance, too.

Certain Diseases

Have you ever considered that illnesses like diabetes, cancer and arthritis may affect your sexual desire? There are also neurological reasons that cause the problem. We’d like to offer you an assessment to confirm that you’re in good health.


The introduction of new medications or modifications to current medications may affect your sexual drive as well.

Psychological Changes

The stress and anxieties can impede your sexual drive. If you’ve experienced an argument or a conflict in your relationship with your significant other, this could add to the. Furthermore, victims of abuse and assault may be more hesitant to be sexually active.

Our aim is to collaborate with you to get back into the habit of sexual intimacy. This requires a thorough review of your overall health. We’ll be with you while we tackle diagnosis and treatment.

How to Increase Your Sex Drive

The main thing to do is treat any medical issues that could hinder your sexual libido. Additionally, there are several lifestyle modifications that you can implement to aid and improve your libido. This includes:

Stop Smoking, If You Smoke

Smoking can take a toll on the arousal. Smoking causes a decrease in blood flow, which could make it harder to be in a good mood.

Be Mindful of Your Alcohol Use

While having a glass of wine can aid in relaxation, drinking excessive alcohol consumption can reduce your desire to sex.

Get Plenty of Sleep

It’s impossible to be at your best in the boudoir when you’re exhausted from your busy schedule or caring for children. Care for others is taking good care of yourself.

Use Vibrators

A study from 2016 included 70 women who experienced difficulty in getting aroused or reaching orgasm, two-thirds of the participants reported an increase in feeling after having a vibration for 3 months.

Get Help Through Sex Therapy

Contact the therapist who is specialized in sexual dysfunction. We’ve provided a list with local practitioners. You can also look up our database of American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors & Therapists for therapists in your area.


It is a topical oil that causes a feeling of warmth in the genital region. Zestra improves satisfaction for 70% of women who are enrolled in clinical trials necessary for FDA approval. Zestra is available for purchase over the counter for about $10.

Eros Clitoral Therapy Device

Eros improves the flow of blood through the genital region by applying a gentle vacuum the clitoris. It is priced at around $300. A study of a small size published in British Medical Journal demonstrated some efficacy with no adverse effects in 2000.

Flibanserin (marketed in the U.S. as Addyi)

It is a pill that you take daily. But, it’s important to keep in mind:

  • This is not recommended suitable for women experiencing menopausal symptoms.
  • It is NOT for men
  • It should not be consumed within two hours after drinking alcohol.

However, its effects are not as significant as placebo. Overall, the results have been disappointing since it was introduced to the market in 2017.

Bremelanotide (marketed in the U.S. as Vyleesi)

It is an injection given 45 minutes prior to sex.

  • It is not recommended suitable for women going through menopausal changes.
  • This is not for males.

The majority of women who tried this suffered from nausea. This might be counterproductive to intimacy.

Furthermore there is a reason not to use it if you suffer from excessive blood pressure. It is also important to remember that it may cause skin discoloration near the site of injection (leg or abdominal)

It’s important to be aware that testosterone therapy is extremely complex, and should be addressed in an appointment either via online or in-person.

We’re Here to Help You Get Your Sex Drive Back

There isn’t a single “right” level of sexual drive.

Women naturally have an IQ that can be a little more or less than the normal. That’s fine. When a lack of stimulation causes problems with your daily life you require help.

Your sexuality and health form a significant aspect of what you’re like as an individual woman. We are aware that what happens to one part of your body can affect your whole life. This is why we help you determine the root cause of your problem.

We’re always available to discuss with you how you can live an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. Contact us today to make an appointment.


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