Night Mode Arrives on xHamster Mobile.


Hello xHamster! We’ve got some news! It’s now accessible for users of xHamster Mobile. Although night mode was previously accessible on our website’s desktop versions, we’ve now extended the feature to make it all-inclusive across the site.

Starting today, we have got the mobile version of our site to incorporate night mode when you’re looking to get into it in the evening and wish to relax your eyes. You can also choose night mode as it’s much better when black. Fun fact: A study suggests that using night or dark modes on apps can decrease eye strain in addition to blue light exposure concerning long screen time. Many platforms and devices have dark mode functions, like phone brightness sliders and blue light reduction buttons in most laptops and phone settings—But enough with the geeky things. In nighttime mode, xHamster Mobile can be found through the hamburger menu located at the top right of the mobile website. You can scroll down, and you’ll find the switcher, which allows you to switch between day and night modes.

The platform will also save the settings you set for a day and night modes. This provides another reason to sign up for an xHamster account to save your settings in case you’re interested in this. Remember, when you’re using incognito and private browsing and using night mode, your preferences will not be saved, so you’ll need to change the settings again. If your phone is in a dark mode in its settings and you’re using dark mode, xHamster Mobile will switch to night mode by default. Additional features and updates and major retoolings that will be even more extensive than this are currently in the pipeline. Keep an eye out! Many thanks for being a significant part of the hamster community!


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