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The first time that I loved anal plays.


Do you recall the first time you performed an anal game? I can vividly remember the feelings, physical and emotional, as well as the mix of excitement and nerves and the taboo. The guest writer today, Shar, will talk about her first experience with anal plays and discuss why she changed from ambivalent to enthusiastic…

First time was playing anal.

Was months ago; I’d never imagined I’d write about my anal experience because I was the first to say “girl, bye” when it came to anal plays. But when one of my buddies mentioned an incident that was quite pleased when a finger was popped into her arse, it made me think…

I’d say that my sexual life is fantastic – actually better than great; however, let’s don’t blow ourselves on the horn. My husband is extremely proficient at doing what he is instructed. Although I’m not a bossy chum, he’s a dependable person and hasn’t been averse to anything. He’d never even mentioned the sexual relationship to me, and we’d not ever been there (at least, not in a conscious way as we’ve all been through the slip out, and almost get into your arse’, isn’t it? OUCH). It’s the closest I’ve ever seen him close to my rear-end.

Previously some weeks, I’ve thought about it repeatedly until I decided that I might enjoy it if executed properly.

I am a huge fan of exploring my sexual limits, which is why I’ve been looking into the topic of tushie play quite a bit. It was interesting to read blog posts, come across horror stories and heaven. Some made me cry with tears in my eyes, while some made me feel hot.

One bit of advice I read was to begin small: I had everything already in an advent calendar made by a sex-themed toy company. It was clear that at least ten items in the doorway were for pleasure! I was pretty snarky that day since, as I said, I had always believed that anything that could go up my arse was a clear no. However, after some days of light conversations with my husband, I had a few more drinks in one night and suggested that we try one of these items, considering I spent a lot of prices on them.

We were fools and got straight to the point.

I don’t know what caused it to be so bizarre initially… It started tiny but was already naturally lubricated in the area close to my butt hole. I didn’t like the experience! So I got it out there and went on with my favorite regular sexual pleasure.

I was ready to tell you that everything in my arse wasn’t for me, but we did try to be honest.

Oh, how wrong I was!

A week or so went through before it was mentioned once more in a sexting chat.

“How about I use my tongue next time?”


I said to myself, babe, you can stick your tongue wherever you want so long as you don’t get into my arse!

His response is, “I’ll just do when you’re not expecting it.” I replied, “You could try it.” …” this. This “I’ll do whatever I like” approach isn’t suitable for everyone. However, I’m will I lie: it worked for me.

Orgasms that originate from someplace else…

Then, the night before, when we had sexual relations, I could tell I was getting close to the threshold of no return when he took the end of his tongue and then put something into his mouth. I could not comprehend the exact nature of what he was doing. I was so absorbed in the whole thing.

Then he slid me onto his lap and placed the other leg on his shoulder. He then removed this object from his lips and reached over and under my feet… Then I heard a tinny rumble and thought – Wait, what’s this? Before I had the chance to ask what it was, he put it into my arse hole while throwing his cock into my front.

Let’s get to the main point of why I’m writing this writing essay about a play…

Then he pushed that vibrating thing through my butthole, and I was in love with it. I was in love with it.

I’m not a fan of screaming and moaning often in sex, but I couldn’t resist moaning when exhaling breath this time.

The next step took me some time to make sense of in my head.

I’m extremely adept at observing my body. I know the moment when I’m most likely to reach a peak simply by observing our rhythm. But at no point did I feel like I was consciously thinking about the possibility of having an unclean butt plug in me. Therefore, it was a surprise that I suddenly felt this huge surge of emotion wash over me! I felt tears rising in my eyes, and then that orgasmic tingle was a normal occurrence. It starts at the center of your being, and it takes over all of your worries and fears in one go. It is so strong that it can cause me not to remember my name!

However, instead of building with my heart, it was built from my arse that was vibrating.

Then, some of the best gasps I’ve ever had. My entire body was trembling! I couldn’t focus and think straight. I lay at once my partner’s shoulder in a paralytic state. I wept joyful tears.

That was it! My first fun anal play experience! Everyone gets a high five! That experience is into my top five experiences of all time…


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