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Three New Year’s Resolutions Every Couple Should Make For 2022.


As a couple, you’ve survived year two of the pandemic. This is a remarkable feat considering everything. We salute you both! What can you do to improve as you turn the pages towards 2022? What are you able to leave behind? What can you do to grow and challenge yourself? It’s a smart way of checking in on your relationship. But it’s also an opportunity to discuss your goals for the coming year. These are the top three New Year’s Resolutions that couples should make. New year, new us.

1. A Financial Resolution

It can be difficult for couples to discuss money, especially if they are dealing with financial stressors like loss of job or credit card debt. It’s an important aspect of any long-term relationship. Negative financial issues can lead people to feel ashamed, which can then cause them to hide their true feelings. It’s no surprise that this combination can be a time bomb for any relationship. The beauty of a New Year is the optimism that it brings. You can use the energy of a new year to get through the clutter together and prioritize the most important goal you have as a couple. The financial goal that works for one couple may not work for the other. You should find something that will improve your life together.

This is what a resolution might look like

  • Repaying debt
  • Boosting your credit score
  • Smarter money management (and knowing where it is going)
  • A set amount of money to save for a specific thing or long-term strategy
  • Determining the type of money marriage, you are looking for
  • Buying a House

2. A Resolution for a Relationship

The world is slowly opening up again thanks to vaccines. Also, cabin fever from the 2020 lockdowns has subsided. Your kids were back at school, and you were able to work from home again. You also found that your favorite restaurants were accepting patrons again. This allowed you to enjoy date nights with your beloved. While 2022 will not be without its difficulties, it is important to take a step back and appreciate all you have. Please find out your greatest emotional wins or struggles this year, so you can either leave them behind or bring them with you into the new year. Both of you should share the resolution. 2020 was about staying above water, and 2021 was about adapting to new norms. 2022 is about strengthening your roots and possibly coming up with a plan for the future.

This is what a relationship resolution might look like.

  • Practice better listening skills together
  • Be more grateful to one another
  • Find a better way of expressing your needs
  • When it comes to date night, think outside the box
  • Spice things up in your bedroom
  • Explore a new hobby with your partner

3. A personal resolution

Using #couplesgoals as a hashtag may seem counterintuitive, but two unhappy people do not make a happy couple. Although it might seem like a comfortable and inviting existence, codependency is not good for long-lasting relationships. Psychologists coined the term codependency to describe someone who relies 100% on their romantic partner to satisfy their emotional needs. Remember how your mom used to tell you not to put all your eggs into one basket? This is also true for self-worth. You don’t have to be happy with a strong partner. It’s the reverse. For 2022, commit to each other to work hard for yourself! As you work towards your goals, be sure to support one another. This is the most important part. Accept dependency – a positive partnership that supports each other but doesn’t rely solely on one another for all their needs. It would be best if you were your partner’s greatest cheerleader as you pursue your goal.

This is what a personal resolution might look like.

  • Making a habit out of reading morning pages
  • Netflix Divorce
  • Meditation is a habit that can be cultivated.
  • Perfect your sleep routine
  • Locating a therapist
  • Improve your relationship outside of your partnership

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