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Katerine Mousseau: Fun Facts About The Veteran Canadian Actress


And actress Katerine Mousseau was discovered by director Gilles Carle. A talented and young actress with a stunning appearance, Katerine Mousseau starred in important TV shows like Le temps dune peace, Cormoran, and Virginie. But, acting was not her ideal career choice, and she discovered it because of fate. After she finished her acting career, her first job, she launched the restaurant industry and her son, Chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard. Let’s discover some fascinating details regarding her.

Katerine Mousseau: Everything You Should Know About the famous French-Canadian Legend

Katerine Mousseau’s early years were very adventurous.

Daughter of painter Automatist Jean-Paul Mousseau who was co-signer for Refus global and the famous actress Dyne Mousso.

Katerine Mousseau was a young woman filled with

Adventure and grit. When asked about her legendary father, Katerine Mousseau said:

“It was two monuments in some way. Strong and distinctive individuals. They weren’t like everyone else. They weren’t trying to appear just like everyone else and were not looking to please. They weren’t even artisans, and they were craftsmen. ”

Her mother’s parents, who lived a fantastic public image, were equally passionate in their private life—

Katerine Mousseau’s famous father.

Famous father Jean-Paul Mousseau dedicated his murals at the Peel metro station in Montreal to his son. Although her parents’ love was genuine, they didn’t give her much attention every day and never lived with her.

“People connected to me quickly, which allowed me to run all sorts of businesses,” Mousseau said.

Katerine Mousseau was a resident of France with a different family.

Katerine Mousseau moved to reside with her family in France with her household in Provence. In her college years, she was referred to as without a family, and her parents of friends often took her along when they went on vacation. Her charming personality and extraordinary beauty enabled her to make it through the years without problems.

“For me personally (being a child of Refus global], it’s not an accident. It’s a traumatic experience for everybody. It’s all in how you handle the experience, and it’s also based on whom you get to meet since there are many positive coincidences within that.”Katerine Mousseau is an iconoclast.

Katerine Mousseau has therefore developed an iconoclastic image throughout her career, traveling from project to.

Katerine Mousseau used to make her furniture and clothing

She designed her furniture and clothes, she claims. She was able to survive on almost nothing every day.

“I’ve always been dilettante. It was a good thing that I did often. I didn’t have any plans to become an actor. I was a victim of it as a young girl. I was spotted by Gilles Carrel when I didn’t desire to be an actress. It was fated to happen. I’ve always followed the same path as it took me there. ”

It’s also because of her son’s love, whose father is musician Michel Rivard, that she is now a restaurateur.

“I would not have an establishment in the absence of a son who is concerned. I wouldn’t have been the Treasurer of the Union des artistes if [the actor and actor Pierre Curzi hadn’t considered telling me: “Katerine, you would make a great ambassador for the organization.” ”

The son of Katerine Mousseau is cook.

Katerine Mousseau’s son Antonin Mousseau-Rivard has the fiery blood of his grandfather, admits. Young had a greater interest in creating rather than his academic career. This “artist mindset” caused him to develop a love for food and cooking from adolescence. In the following years, he founded the well-known Montreal restaurant Le Mousso alongside her mother, Katerine Mousseau.


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