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Size Chart of Condoms How Width, Length, and Girth Compare in Different Brands.


Sex is uncomfortable when you aren’t wearing the right size condom.

An outside condom that’s either too large or too small could slide off your penis or rupture, increasing your chance of transmission of disease or pregnancy. It can also impact your ability to engage sexually. That’s why knowing your condom’s size is essential to ensure safe and enjoyable sexual sex.

Sizes of condoms can vary between brands, and the size that’s “regular” to one brand could differ from “large” to another. When you’ve identified the size of your penis, you’ll be able to identify the correct condom. Here’s how.

How do I determine the right measurement?

To determine which condom to use, you’ll need to measure your penis. It is possible to use a ruler or a measuring tape. To find the proper size, you need to measure your penis while it’s upright.

If you try to measure your penis while it’s flaccid, you’ll be able to measure it at the smallest size. That means that you may end up purchasing an unsuitable condom than you require.

You’ll be required to know your height, width, and girth to figure out the correct condom size.

Be aware that your circumference represents the length of your penis. Your width is what you call your diameter. Measure your penis two times to ensure that you’ve got the right numbers.

To determine the length of your penis, follow the following steps: For length: Put either the ruler or measuring tape on the bottom of your penis that is erect.

Place the ruler in the bone of your pubic as deeply as you can. The fat may conceal the true length of your penis.

The penis you are measuring should be erect from the base to a point at the end.

To measure the circumference, use a string or a flexible measuring tape.

Wrap the tape or string around the largest portion of the shaft.

If the string is used, make sure you mark where the string connects, then measure the distance between the string and the ruler.

If you’re using a flexible measurement tape, note the measurement when it has reached the penis.

For the width: You can calculate the size of your penis, similar to how you would determine the diameter of circles. To calculate this, you need to divide your girth measurement by 3.14. The result will be your width.

Condom size chart

The condom measurement information has been obtained from online sources like product pages, consumer reviews websites, and online stores. Therefore the information might not be 100% accurate.

It is important to ensure that you are comfortable before use. Snugger will fit

Regular fit

Larger fit

How do you properly put on a condom?

The correct size isn’t useful if you don’t put it on properly. If you don’t put your condom correctly, it’s more likely to fall off or break off. This means that it won’t perform effectively in preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Here’s how to apply the condom correctly: Look for the expiration date. A condom that is expired will not be as effective, and it is more likely to break as the material begins to break into pieces.

Look at the condition of your condoms for damage and wear. Condoms kept in purses or wallets can be placed on top of or folded. This could cause wear and tear on the fabric.

Take care when opening the wrapper. Do not chew on it because this could cause the condom to tear.

The condom should be placed on the penis, which is in a straight position. Press the condom’s top to let out any air and create the condom in a reservoir.

The condom should be rolled down to the bottom of your penis. Make sure it’s not leaking before doing this.

If the condom hasn’t been lubricated, then apply a water-based lubricant on the condom. Avoid using oil-based lubes since they could break the condominium more quickly.

After you’ve ejaculated, you should ensure that you hold the base of the condom while pulling it out. This will keep it from sliding off.

The condom should be removed and tied in a knot on the other end. Wrap it in tissue and dump it in the garbage. What happens if the condom you’re using is too small or big? If you’re wearing the right-sized condom, you’re more likely to stay clear of pregnancies and STIs. A majority of condoms will fit the typical penis. So if the size of your penis falls slightly more than 5 inches when you elect trusted Source is used, you can wear the “snug” condom just fine.

Don’t buy the most common condom. Although length may be similar across brands and models, size and width are crucial for choosing the right condom.

This is where the comfort factor comes into play. If a condom is too narrow in size could appear tight around the base of your penis and have the possibility of breaking. If a condom feels too loose at the base or tip might not work as well and may slide off. Does the condom’s material affect your comfort? Condoms can also be found in different types of materials. The majority of condoms are made from latex. However, certain brands provide non-latex alternatives for those who suffer from allergies or search for a different condom.

These materials include Polyurethane. Condoms made from Polyurethane, a kind of plastic, are the most sought-after alternative to condoms made from latex. Polyurethane is less thick than latex, and it is more efficient in conducting heat.

Polyisoprene. Polyisoprene is similar to latex, but it isn’t contaminated with the chemical components that could trigger allergies. It’s denser than Polyurethane. However, it is softer and not as hard as rubber. Polyisoprene condoms are more stretchy than polyurethane condoms.

Lambskin. Lambskin is among the oldest materials used in condoms. It’s made from the cecum, the membrane found inside sheep’s intestines. It’s lightweight, tough, completely biodegradable, and can conduct heat efficiently. However, unlike other condoms, lambskin condoms do not protect against STIs.

What is it about inside condoms?

Inside condoms can be a good choice. Appropriate condoms can be difficult and sometimes nerve-wracking. However, it doesn’t have to be! If you take a look at your penis size, you’ll be able to select the most suitable condom without any issues.

A good fitting is essential for preventing the transmission of diseases and pregnancy. It also helps in making sex more comfortable and improves your sexual pleasure. Note down your measurements and shop! The same protection for pregnancy as well as STIs like outside condoms provide. They’re made from synthetic latex and coated with silicone-based grease.

In contrast to outside condoms, inside condoms are the same size that is designed to fit the majority of vaginal canals. You can purchase inside condoms at many health clinics. You can also purchase them online.

It is not recommended to use both condoms that are both outside and inside simultaneously. Both condoms may break due to excessive friction or may stick together and slide off—the final word.


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