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The Top Sex Positions for Women.


Kama Sutra offers more than a dozen sexual positions. All are worth exploring, but sometimes, you may require a sex spot that guarantees a smooth sexual experience. For those days when you’re just looking to enjoy a good time at the sex, we’ve got an eight-point list of the most desirable sex roles for women which will certainly amaze you:

1. Cowgirl

The list of the top female sex roles wouldn’t be without including the Cowgirl. It’s among the most sought-after positions, which women say helps women have sex and provide the most enjoyable experience in sexual activity.

To achieve this posture, ask your partner to lie on their backs on their bed on other surfaces you prefer. After that, you climb onto the top, cross their hips and then place yourself down on their penis.

Cowgirl is the perfect choice for women since it offers total control over the motions in terms of speed, depth, and perforation angle. This means that you can easily adjust your settings and control your sexual pleasure.

This will have you doing most of the work since you’ll be jumping across the penis of your partner. But, they could also assist by pushing their hips upwards, increasing the penetration, and providing assistance.

2. Doggy

Next in the line-up is Doggy The next thing on the list is Doggy style. This sex style is popular among women since it gives excellent external and internal stimulation and doesn’t take a lot of energy.

The process of getting into this position is pretty easy. You first are on your knees, standing on your feet as your partner swoops in by slapping you from behind.

Doggy is among the most attractive sex positions for females due to its wide perforation angles guaranteed to strike each of the spots you want to hit, and you can have your partner go for the clit, which is a sure-fire route to mind-blowing mixed orgasms.

The partner decides on the speed and level of the penetration. You can also control by changing your hips to align with the hips for even more intense stimulation. If the penetration is too intense, there are special penis rings that can adjust the amount of penetration to allow you to enjoy Doggy without discomfort.

3. Legs Up

Legs Up is the perfect sex posture for lazy women since it just needs you to lie down and allow your partner to take charge of your emotions. It provides intimacy and allows partners access to the sexual clit.

Lay on your back, lying either on your bed or on other surfaces to achieve this position. Then, your partner kneels in front of you. Lean your legs upwards and let your partner lean against their chests as they work their way through the space between you.

Legs Up offer a high penetration angle that will hit all the right places during vaginal and anal sex. It is also possible to get your clit pumped or have your partner perform it for you to get those delicious mixed orgasms.

4. Pound Town

Pound Town Pound Town is a mild variant of a Doggy sex position, demanding more bending and energy. It’s a very lucrative sexual position for females since it’s ideal for anal and vaginal sexual sex. It also has a great penetration angle.

To achieve this position, lay on your back on your stomach. You then lift your hips until they are up and the rest of you is lying on the floor or a surface. Based on your height and your partner’s height, either sit on the floor or knees while they enter from behind.

It’s difficult starting, but do not get discouraged. Instead, begin by joining Doggy and gradually adapting to Pound Town as you see appropriate.

5. The reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl is yet another fantastic sexual position for women, which gives you complete freedom to enjoy your time and an amazing view for your partner. It’s a variant of the Cowgirl that, rather than facing your companion when you ride in reverse, you can turn your back towards them.

To achieve this position, have your partner lie on their backs. Then, you’ll be over them and straddle them as you lower yourself onto your penis. For maximum ease, lean forward, place your hands on the legs and let them bounce around.

Reverse Cowgirl allows you to play with different penetration angles than Cowgirl and Cowgirl, so don’t skimp over this one, thinking the result will be the same.

6. Sitting Reverse Cowgirl

Sitting Reverse Cowgirl is a fantastic woman-sex position that allows you to control your movements while also providing plenty of skin-to-skin touches and intimateness with the person you are sharing it with regardless of having your back against them.

It’s also an ideal position for sex in the living room if you’re looking to switch the scenery or watch Netflix while riding with your companion.

To get in this position, Begin by letting your partner lie down on the couch, sitting back and leaning in comfortably. After that, you’ll be seated on their lap, with your facing them, as you lower yourself onto their penis.

You’re in complete control over your motion and speed from this angle. However, it also gives your partner an excellent view of your rear and allows them to reach your breasts or your clit as you ride them.

7. Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle can be a different lazy sex position that can be ideal for exhausted people. However, you still want an O. It gives you a great penetration angle and gives your partner control over your neck, which is why it’s a complete win.


To get into this position, you must lie in a reclined position on the back. You can be lying in bed, and your partner kneels towards the end. Then, you can lie down on the table so that your partner is on the edges of the table as they approach you.

Spread your legs with your legs. Lift your legs and lift them out, and let your partner support them with your ankles to support you. They control the speed, movements, and how far your legs are spread.

Try various angles and determine what angle feels best in the insertion. Also, you’ll have full control over your body’s clit; therefore, make use of it to get some additional stimulation.

8. Squatting

The final, but certainly not least, is the squatting posture. It’s a fantastic choice when you want to control the motions and penetration angles. It’s also an intimate position because it allows for many skin-to-skin interactions with your companion.

To achieve this position, have your partner rest on their heels, lying on their bed or other comfortable surfaces. You then sit on their laps, keeping your back towards them as they move forward from behind.

Jump up and down, similar to how you would perform regular squats. Your partner can put your arms around you while kissing your breasts or engage your clit while you move your bike.


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